I  J  M  I  A  U  A

is the acronym for:

"I'm Just Making IAll UAnyway !"

About 15 years ago I was working with a friend writing a business plan for a project we were setting up.  In making sales projections he was tossing out numbers and I asked him where he got his information.  He replied, “I’m just making it up.”  My immediate response was one of the greatest “aha!” moments in my life as I responded, “I’m Just Making It All Up Anyway!” 

Later, when I looked at what the acronym was, I came up with I J M I A U A and I pronounced it “ijh-mia-oo-ah”.  Since then I’ve used it in any number of conversations to remind myself and others that, really, we’re all just making everything up.

To see how you're making up your life (and how you can make changes in how you do that) click on the image below.